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1. Friendly Farms is a gourmet grocery store. Customers can shop online or in the store. Mary, the new manager, developed an idea to increase sales through customer outreach and special events. You have been hired to lead the requirements specifications project for a website enhancement. The client wants to collect customer demographic information in order to send out information about sales and in-store events. The client wants to create a mailing list by capturing the customer's name, mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number through their Internet site.

a. Create the Context diagram scope

b. Using the five-step systematic approach, create a checklist to manage this project. Identify questions you have for the client

c. State any assumptions you make

2. Three weeks into the project the client contacts you. The client indicates that upon submission of the information, the customer should be directed to another HTML page that acknowledges receipt of their information.

a. What impact will this have on your project?

Also uploading vsd file (Microsoft Visio file, tool used for creating context diagram) for reference.

Reference no: EM13217667

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