Make event table entry listing event-trigger-source

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In a course registration system, for event Student registers for classes, make the event table entry listing event, trigger, source, use case, response(s), and destination(s). For event Time to give grade reports, create another event table entry.

Reference no: EM13102475

How do feel about allowing sensory tools in the classroom

Sensory Tools are becoming more accepted in the school setting. How do you feel about allowing sensory tools in the classroom and how would you allow students to use them i

What did you know about elder abuse

What did you know about elder abuse prior to this DB exercise? What stuck out the most to you in both the website and the video? What do you think can be done to prevent elder

Describe two ways you will promote public relations

Briefly explain two ways stakeholders might change or impact the planning or implementation process of the public health campaign, Briefly describe two potential barriers or

Discuss methods of measuring intellectual functioning

Provide a brief overview of at least two theories of intelligence related to the content of your selected articles to help your audience understand what intelligence testing a

Compare and contrast two motivational theories

Motivational theory applications argue for recognizing individual differences. They also suggest paying attention to members of diverse groups. Is this a contradiction? Why

Discuss the wisdom behind the strategy you would use

Discuss the wisdom behind the strategy you would use to test the hypothesis from Question 3, and describe the additional steps you might take, depending on the results of yo

Graphical representations of data in research

When collecting data, it is important to be aware of the types of data being collected for further analysis. Give 3 examples of qualitative data and 3 examples of quantitative

Women are a numerical majority

Women are a numerical majority in the United States. Why then do you think do they not vote as a block for female candidates for public office, and increase the proportion of


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