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Create an ASP.NET application using Visual Studio .NET 2003. Your application should includfe at least one web form and five different types of controls. Feel free to create more than one instance of the same type. Also, you must change at least two properties of each instance on your form. Make sure to comment your application code, indiciating which properties you changed for each instance on your form. Also, explain how your application works and how it interacts with the user. Creativity is encouraged.
Zip your project files.

Reference no: EM1336837

Write variable declarations for the variables pay and score

Write an if - else statement that changes the value of pay by subtracting 10 from pay if score is greater than 50, otherwise it adds 25 to pay. Also write variable declarati

How can the receiver detects the error

UDP uses 1's complement for its checksums. assume you have the following three 16-bit words 0100010001000100, 0101010101010101, 0011001100110011. What is the 1's complement

Design the program in with a graphical user interface

Write down the program in VB.NET (not Web based) with a graphical user interface. Have the user input the amount in one currency and give him a choice to either specify a cu

Show output from the amazon web service

make Use of Visual Studio.NET 2005 to create an ASP.NET application that displays output from the Amazon web service. Add good documentation to the code. Furthermore, create

Find terms of elimination of redundant data

Thinking in terms of elimination of redundant data hopefully eliminating data corruption from operator input, would it not make sense to normalize and let new Duo-Core, Quad

How would web actually change our lives

Write down a 1-2 screen prediction on what effects you think the Web, and in particular, the enormous amount of documents accumulating on the Web will play in your life, and

Create a program generates a 3-digit random number 100 times

Write down a C# application that generates a 3-digit random number 100 times. Display the output for each of the generated numbers and the sum of all 100 numbers. Every 10th

What are some of the changes to technology

How has this technology impacted the development of new software? Even if the technology change is hardware related, software development can be impacted.


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