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A plant has saturated steam available at 2700 kPa, but there is little use for this steam. Rather, steam at 1000 kPa is required. Also available is saturated steam at 275 kPa. A suggestion is that the 275 kPa steam be compressed to 1000 kPa, using the work of expanding of the 2700 kPa steam to 1000 kPa. The two streams at 1000 kPa would then be mixed. Determine the rates at which steam at each initial pressure must be supplied to provide enough steam at 1000 kPa so that upon condensation to saturated liquid heat in the amount of 300 kW is released

(a) If the process is carried out in a completely reversible manner.

(b) If the higher-pressure steam expands in a turbine of 78% efficiency and the lowerpressure steam is compressed in a machine of 75% efficiency. Make a thermodynamic analysis of this process.

Reference no: EM131171877

What agitator power consumption is required

A 100-liter fed-batch fermenter was successfully operated for 200 h using an aeration rate of 14 l/s and a 5 W agitator. It is proposed to scale the fermentation up to 10,00

Find an expression for the total flux linking the loop

A rectangular loop is placed in the field of an in- finitely long straight conductor carrying a current of I amperes, as shown in Figure P12.1.2. Find an expression for the

Calculate the ideal thrust and the ideal specific impulse

Calculate the ideal thrust and the ideal specific impulse. Also plot the cross-section area A, the local velocity v, the specific volume V, the absolute temperature T, and t

Concentration of a poorly soluble salt

1. Formation of kidney stones occurs when concentration of a poorly soluble salt (for example, calcium oxalate) in urine exceeds its solubility limit. Assume that a kidney sto

Determine the voltages induced in the stator

Consider Example 12.4.1. With the assumed current-source excitations of part (c), determine the voltages induced in the stator and rotor windings at the corresponding angula

Determination of the manganese content

One of the classical methods for the determination of the manganese content in steel is to convert all the manganese to the deeply colored permanganate ion and then to measu

Calculate the rate of fe2o3 production in the outlet stream

Draw and completely label a flowsheet of the process (use 100 kg/min of ore as a basis). Calculate the rate of Fe2O3 production (kg/min) in the outlet stream, and the total mo

Formation of liquid water and damaging compressor

A young engineer expresses concern that compression could result in the formation of liquid water, damaging the compressor. Is there cause for concern? Suggestion: Refer to


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