Make a list of objectives of the strategic planning model

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Time Horizon of the Strategic Planning Model

Make a list of the objectives of the strategic planning model. What is the time horizon required to address each one of these specific objectives? Do these time horizons have the same length? If not, how do you think a single model could deal with the different time horizons? What is the proposed time horizon of the strategic-planning model? How many time periods does the model consider? How will the model handle the dynamic changes throughout the time horizon required to deal with each of the specified objectives?

Reference no: EM131162827

Prepare a strategic plan during the course

Prepare a Strategic Plan during the course, intended to provide the Instructor a gauge of the student's overall knowledge and understanding of the course subject material.

Compare and contrast the leadership strategies

Compare and contrast the leadership strategies needed to both build and sustain high-functioning self-managed teams. Support your response with examples and citations from a c

What is a swot analysis

What is a SWOT analysis? Why is it done? How does it relate to strategic planning? Choose a well-known company and identify at least one S or W or O or T for that company

Identify one strategy to move forward

Use the QSPM tool to review the alternatives identified this week in Learning Activity #1 to identify just ONE strategy to move forward (please include the QSPM in your resp

Explain organizational structure and controls

Explain awareness, motivation, and ability as drivers of competitve behavior. Define competitors, competitive rivalry, competitive behavior, and competitve dynamic and Explain

Identify data that should be incorporated into cgcs system

Identify the data that should be incorporated into CGC's new system to provide adequate planning capability. Explain why each data item it is important and the level of deta

Define 10 economic indicators

Use what you have learned about economic indicators to assess 10 different indicators. To add some more clarity to this, do the following:

Develop a revised four­year plan for your strategy

Critically evaluate the mission, vision, values, and goals (again, you'll likely need to make decisions as to which is which). Use the criteria in the background materials t


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