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Question 1: How is international financial management different from domestic financial management?

Question 2: Discuss the major trends that have prevailed in international business during the last two decades

Question 3: How is a country's economic well-being enhanced through free international trade in goods and services?

Question 4: Consider the no-trade input/output situation presented in the following table for countries X and Y. Assuming that free trade is allowed, develop a scenario that will benefit the citizens of both countries.

2246_no-trade input-output situation.png

Questions 5:

There are arguments for and against the alternative exchange rate regimes.

a. List the advantages of the flexible exchange rate regime

b. Criticize the flexible exchange rate regime from the viewpoint of the proponents of the fixed exchange rate regime.

c. Rebut the above criticism from the viewpoint of the proponents of the flexible exchange rate regime.

Question 6:

In an integrated world financial market, a financial crisis in a country can be quickly transmitted to other countries, causing a global crisis.

What kind of measures would you propose to prevent the recurrence of an Asia-type crisis?

Question 7:

Assess the possibilityfor the euro to become another global currency rivaling the U.S. dollar. If the euro really becomes a global currency,

what impact will it have on the U.S. dollar and the world economy?

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