Major product going to travel around oahu island

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I think i have wrong a lot.. and you can guess what I want to write... if you can guess and can fix... please do it... it is really important for me... I am international student that's why.. it is too difficult for me..T.T

Major product (s), Niche or specialty

Their major product is that going to travel around Oahu island. Waikele shopping center is one of the for most tourist attractions. There is that One of the main tourist areas of Hawaii. Because of its cheap price, it became the most popular shopping center in these days. So they introduce about waikele shopping center. There is more to that products. As customers can see on Join Hawaii web site. In addition, they recommend play golf course because the price really cheaper than korea.

Target Market

A product's success often depends on how carefully its target market has been identified. This company know a lot about their target market, and I think they could reach them better. Obviously their target market is korean people. These are especially popular with honeymoon couple. Also they know honeymoon couple recommend that go to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Now, The price greatly dropped. Korean people think Hawaii is a pleasant experience And those Hawaiian vistas, of course, are sheer eye-pudding.

Inbound or outbound

Join Hawaii dealing with inbound. Because this company has a fuller description of their products and services is available on their Web site. By using computers or smart phone customers enjoy websites and exchange e-mail messages. Their program is described in more detail on the webpage. Customers can reservation and consult through the Join Hawaii web site. This company ask customer to make reconfirmation in order to prevent no-shows. The website is certainly extremely important to them.

Reference no: EM13135378

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