Main departures of keynes theories

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Discuss the following: What were the main departures of Keynes's theories from the neoclassical theories of economics ? Do you agree with the level of government intervention that Keynes prescribed? How has Keynes's theory shown up in the most recent financial crisis? Do you think the government action taken was the best course of action?

Reference no: EM131277349

Distinguish between targeted marketing and mass marketing

Distinguish between targeted marketing and mass marketing and explain what led to the rise of each. Describe the different market-segmenting strategies companies pursue and wh

Research the objective

1. Research the objective.2. Explain if the design is a true experiment or a quasi-experiment. Justify your selection.3. Develop a hypothesis based on your research question.4

What is synergy and what are the sources of synergy

Consider three industries, such as hotels, appliances, or computers. For three firms within the industry, identify what value propositions are representing their strategy. W

Growing cost of and demand for energy

In "Nine Challenges of Alternative Energy" (pp. 386-397), David Fridley argues that the growing cost of and demand for energy, along with the growing concerns of the global

Question about managing people

Rebecca thinks that these new standards are only for those in Denver at the corporate office. She thinks that for people out in the world at the stores, style and personal b

Average ps scores for the whole sample

1. Average PS scores for the whole sample, males, females, nonminorities, and minorites. 2. The correlation between PS scores and performance ratings, and its statistical sig

Focus on its professional services division

In your Conclusion, recommend if The Weather Company should expand its efforts developing consumer apps or focus on its professional services division, offering weather and

Organization to your employees

As a manager, how important do you think it would be to share the financial condition of your organization to your employees? What benefits and/ or problems do you see by d


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