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One unit of A is made up of two units of B, three units of C, and two units of D. B is composed of one unit of E, and two units of F. C is made up of two units of F and one unit of D. E is made up of two units of D. Items A, C, D, and F have one-week lead times; B and E have lead times of two weeks. Lot-for-lot sizing is used for items A, B , C, D; lots of size 50 and 180 are used for E and F, respectfively. Item c has an on-hand (beginning) inventory of 15; D has an on-hand inventory of 50; all other items have zero beginning inventories. We are scheduled to receive 20 units of Item E in Week 2; there are no other scheduled receipts.

A. Show a Product Structure Tree, low-level-coded BOM and Indented part list

B. Answer the question by filing in one MRP table for each item.

Reference no: EM131119360

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