Long-term federal government budget problems

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Question:. Explain why there are long-term Federal government budget problems.   Explain why the base-line forecast of the CBO is misleading. Include in your answer why solutions to the problem will necessarily involve a decision about which citizens will bear the burden of trying to balance the budget and how various general approaches can influence where the burden is likely to fall. 

Reference no: EM1321

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Donaldson + son has an ROA of 10 percent, a 2 percent profit margin, and a return on equity equal to 15%. What is the company's total assets turnover?

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According to the American Metal Markets Magazine, the spot market price of U.S. hot rolled steel recently reached $580 per ton. Less than a year ago this same ton of steel w

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Suppose government were to provide free daycare for children and assume this has no effect on the real wage w, taxes T, and dividend income π. Determine effect of the daycare

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Assume that MPC is 0.8, while the sum of planned investment, government purchases, and net exports is $500 billion. Assume also that the government budget is in balance.

What was the implied change in income as a result

In order to financially stimulate the nation, the Federal government injected $900 billion dollars into the economy. However, the results were less than spectacular. One re


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