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Form of the Audit Report. The most common type of audit report is the standard unqualified report.


Review Illustration 12.2, the standard wording of the IAS audit report, and Illustration 12.3, the unqualified report of Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company.

A. List the differences, paragraph-by-paragraph, between the two reports.

B. List the similarities, paragraph-by-paragraph, between the two reports

Reference no: EM131046875

Explain the deficiencies and omissions in auditors report

List and explain the deficiencies and omissions in the auditor's report. Organize your answer sheet by paragraph (scope, explanatory, and opinion) of the auditor's report.

Why the auditing firm was not found guilty of issuing

The auditors however have no responsibility to report internal control weaknesses in the audit report and failing to do so does not constitute a material misstatement or omi

Write a director''s report on corporate governance matters

This year they reported to the board of directors that there was a material weakness in Nordtek's safeguarding of inventory because the storerooms were unlocked and there we

Discuss the problems the auditors should anticipate

Discuss the problems the auditors should anticipate in planning for the observation of the physical inventory on this engagement because of the: 1 different locations of inv

What procedures should the auditor follow to substantiate

What procedures should the auditor follow to substantiate that all wells owned by the company are properly recorded, classified, and valued? What supporting evidence would t

Whether the transactions recorded in the accounting records

Some details of a contract negotiated during the year with the labor union are different from the outline of the contract included in the minutes of the board of directors.

Verify approval of equipment purchases

For each audit procedure, list a technique for gathering evidence used (inquiry of client personnel, inspection, observation, examination of documents, reperformance, confir

Management''s financial statement assertions

Choice (B) is mistaken because payables have few onerous disclosures. Choice (D) is not the case because there is usually no valuation questions regarding payables - they ar


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