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1. Visit Web sites for companies that sell computer peripherals. Compile a list that contains as many types of input and output devices as you can locate on these Web sites. After compiling this list, be sure to document the Web sites you viewed to complete this assignment.

2. Prepare a paper, which should be no more than two pages in length, which compares the operations of a computer (input, process, output, and storage) to human beings. On a human, what would be considered our input devices, processor, output devices, and storage devices?

3. You are in the market to purchase a computer, but you are unsure of whether you wish to purchase a desktop computer or notebook computer. Prepare a document that identifies the pros and cons of each option.

4. List and give a brief overview of any five programs that come with the Microsoft Office 2010 software suite.

5. Using the material you learned in this topic, create instructions that can show a new Windows 7 and Office 2010 user at least three different ways to open a program in Microsoft Windows.

6. Use Microsoft Word 2010 to create a flyer advertising your desktop computer that is for sale. Be sure to include a picture of a computer in your flyer, and use the text formatting options to make your flyer look attractive. In addition, format the picture with a picture style, and add a page border.

7. Use Microsoft Word 2010 to create a flyer advertising a room for rent. In the flyer, include at least 3 pictures of the outside or inside of the house, and include information on the flyer describing the characteristics of the room for rent. Use a bulleted list to list the room's characteristics, and be sure to check your document for spelling errors.

8. Use Microsoft Word 2010 to create a flyer advertising an upcoming garage sale in your neighborhood. The flyer should include information about the date, time, and location of the yard sale, and also include at least one picture, a bulleted list, text formatting, and a page border.

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