Linear programming problem-has an infeasible region

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Consider the following linear programming problem: Min: 6X1 + 3X2 Subject to: 2X1 + 4X2 >=400 4X1 + 3X2 >=400 X1, X2 >=0 This problem : Select one: a. Has a unique optimal solution b. Has an infeasible region c. Has an unbounded solution d. Has alternate optimal solutions

Reference no: EM131229175

How concerned should we be about privacy and security

How concerned should we (businesses) be about privacy and security in today's economy? Why do so many people particularly younger people seem to be unconcerned about privacy?

Examples of the types of hospitals

Discuss what a hospital is and describe the different types of hospitals. Give examples of the types of hospitals in your respective community, and how these hospitals impact

Compute the quality-productivity ratio

The total processing cost for producing the X-Pacer running shoe in Problem 2-5 is $18. The Omega Shoe Company starts production of 650 pairs of the shoes weekly, and the aver

Internal processes helps build highly efficient organization

Internal processes of a company contribute to the company's overall effectiveness. Identifying ways to improve internal processes helps build a highly efficient organization.

What would be the increase in profit

If purchases were 45% of sales and other expenses were 45% of sales, what would be the increase in profit if, through better purchasing, the cost of purchases was reduced to

How can you use various types of openings to your advantage

What are other types of opening "offers" that have nothing to do with money but that still set the tone for the negotiation. How can you use various types of openings to your

What is the economic order quantity and closest value

A certain type of computer costs $500 per unit to build and the annual inventory holding cost is 10% of the unit cost. Annual demand is 20,000 units and the setup cost is $100

Importance of information systems management

1. Critically assess the mission, goals and importance of Information Systems Management  (ISM) in the firm, using your own work organization as an example.


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