Line authority is basic type of authority to carry out tasks

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Part 1

Line authority is a basic type of authority to carry out tasks and give orders related to the organization's primary purpose. Staff authority is the right to advise or assist those with line authority. Functional authority if the right given by higher management to specific staff personnel to give orders concerning an area in which the staff personnel have expertise.

There are four principles that are useful for supervisors who may be unsure how to group activities and assign duties. The four principles are: parity principle, unity of command, chain of command, and span of control. In 1-2 pages explain each principle and provide one example of how each principle can be applied to the workplace.

Part 2

Supervisors make decisions on a daily basis and often these decisions are made without giving any thought to the decision making process. By following a decision-making process, supervisors can improve the way they make decisions by understanding how the process works in theory and practice. Explain each the of following in 1-2 pages:

The process of decision making (provide an example of how you can use this process now)

Guidelines for decision making

Tools for decision making (provide examples of how these tools can be helpful)

Reference no: EM131231734

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