Level of professional competence in problem solving

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Question: If you were just starting a college education what do you think your level of professional competence in problem solving, written and oral communication skills, data retrieval and utilization and collaboration would be?

Reference no: EM1378479

Compare google with facebook

Compare Google with Facebook. In terms of the five forces of competition, do you feel these companies view one another as competitors? Explain why or explain why not?

Label consumer surplus and producer surplus

a. Compute consumer, producer, and total surplus at the market equilibrium. b. Label consumer surplus and producer surplus if the government imposes a price ceiling of $70, th

Strategize for international markets and business

How do managers use the Product life Cycle to strategize for international markets and business? How are the New product and the first-mover concepts related to Product Life

Implement a formal strategy to retain talent

Many organizations invest significant resources in recruiting talent but fail to implement a formal strategy to retain talent. Describe the key elements of an effective empl

Discuss the effects of moving from autarky to free trade

Suppose that there are three goods (software, shirts, wheat) and three factors (skilled labor, unskilled labor, land). Software is intensive in skilled labor, shirts are int

Conflict between corporate stakeholders over business

Given a conflict between corporate stakeholders over a business decision, evaluate the legal and ethical duties of corporate directions, officers, and controlling shareholde

Create and possess a people redeeming them

The Wall of Isolation - This wall described as one pushing others away intentionally to protect oneself from being hurt in some way (physically, emotionally, economically, e

Organizational structure with the work processes

Watch the video "How to align the organizational structure with the work processes," found athttp://www.organizationdesign.net/how-to-align-the-organizational-structure-with


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