Learning organizations are characterized by a willingness

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1. Virtual organizations have the advantage of

a) collaboration and shared communication

b) improved monitoring of workers' activities by management

c) clear rules for decision making

d) rich social interaction

2. The idea that an organization is an arena where interests are mobilized suggests that organizations may often be

a) insulated from social pressures

b) rule-bound

c) vehicles for social movements

d) closed systems

e) purely economic entities

3. Experimenting is a way for an organization to ...

a) confirm existing processes

b) identify new sources of knowledge

c) improve administrative elements

d) increase inputs

e) increase outputs

4. In general it is fair to say the pace of innovation is

a) increasing

b) constant

c) controllable

d) decreasing

e) only a consideration for high-tech companies

5. The decline of BlackBerry from once being the #1 worldwide mobile phone provider may have been due to

a) transformation

b) innovation

c) a failure to learn from past experience

d) complexity

e) unfair competition

6. Learning organizations are characterized by a willingness to

a) experiment

b) emphasize efficiency

c) develop new ideas internally within the organization

d) ignore past experience

Reference no: EM131416662

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