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In DuBrin (2016) clearly states that charismatic leadership is a component of transformational leadership. Respond to all 3 questions using concrete examples to support your analyses

Have you experienced charismatic leaders who were unable to be transformational?

Have you experienced transformational leaders who were not charismatic?

What were the circumstances surrounding the situation(s) you have experienced?

Reference no: EM132234513

Firm that sells software services has been piloting product

A firm that sells software services has been piloting a new product and has records of 500 customers who have either bought the services or decided not to. The target value is

Describe the internal and external environments

Research and describe the internal and external environments of 2 to 3 real-world companies using an environmental scan. Determine what competitive advantages each company has

What are implications for deciding not to take assignment

A company that needs help with implementing a process you have little familiarity with has contacted you. Although you could most likely learn it, you would not be a subject m

Defend others rights to justice-freedom and opportunity

At what stage do people identify with people different than themselves and start to defend others rights to justice, freedom and opportunity (The Bill of Rights)? Can you prov

Businesses seems primarily consequence of inadequate planing

Of the four primary management functions organizing usually precedes planning. Planners need not have significant practical experience within the organization if they have goo

How communication benefits operations management

To help you focus, your supervisor has given you these additional requirements: The title slide should give your name, department, and title of the presentation. The presentat

Building an internally consistent compensation system

In Section I, your compensation team will focus on building an internally consistent compensation system. As mentioned earlier, an internally consistent compensation system de

Awards for excellence in residential home construction

Imagine that you are a home builder with 20+ year track record of very successful and profitable construction projects. You have won multiple "Builder of the Year" awards for


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