Lead time is normally distributed with an average

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Gainsville Cigar stocks Cuban cigars that have variable times because of the difficulty in importing the product: Lead time is normally distributed with an average of 5 weeks and a standard deviation of 1 week. Demand is also variable and normally distributed with a mean of 250 cigars a week and a standard deviation of 26 cigars. Refer to the standard normal table for z-values. a.) For a 95% service level, what is the ROP? b.) For a 96% service level, what is the ROP?

Reference no: EM13956704

What is the probability that steven will be short pumpkins

Every year in early October Steven King buys pumpkins of one size from a farmer in Maine and then hires an artist to carve bewitching faces in them. He then tries to sell them

Explain debt and equity financing

Explain Debt and Equity Financing. How are these two forms of financing different? Provide an example for each form of financing. Given the current low interest rate, would yo

Business is worth more than the price of its stock

Jorge makes the comment that a "business is worth more than the price of its stock. 'He is of course referring to the family values and social value of the firm.(Ignore this).

Business professionals changing and expanding

Are the form and use of information and decision support systems for managers and business professionals changing and expanding? Why or why not? And has the growth of self dir

About the property law

John and Joseph own real property as joint tenants. On John's death, what is the status of the property as to ownership? Harry had a fence on the property line between his far

What is the audience general attitude toward the subject

For each communication task listed, write brief answers to the following questions: Who is the audience? What is the audience’s general attitude toward the subject? What does

Some have argued the six sigma programs are merely

Some have argued the Six Sigma programs are merely repackaged versions of older quality improvement programs that originally accompanied TQM initiatives in the 1980s

What wright (2010) means by real utopias

What Wright (2010) means by "real utopias." What, according to Wright, is the "fundamental problem" of a theory of transformation then summarize and evaluate the four compon


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