Labour law encourage or discourage unionization

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1. Does the labour law encourage or discourage unionization?

2. Do you think teaching assistants should be considered employees?

3. Do you think management's reaction to employee interest in unionization differs if the employer already has a high union density among other employee groups?

4. What are the key factors that led some RAs to have interest in union representation? Do you think that RAs have legimate job-related concerns, or are the RA complaints overstated?

5. Do the RAs opposed to unionization have legitimate concerns? How could unionization change the culture of Residence Life?

6. How does the law regarding union recognition for public employees in this state compare with the NRLA rules regarding union recognition for private-sector employees?

7. Why did the LRC determine that RAs and CDAs were employees? Do you agree with the LRC decision? Why? Why not?

Reference no: EM1322329

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