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Strategic Management Assignment

This assignment will assess the following learning outcomes:

1. Demonstrate a systematic understanding and critical evaluation of the key aspects of the strategic management process;

2. Demonstrate the ability to compare different theories and perspectives of strategic management and use and appraise them appropriately;

3. Critically evaluate theories and concepts of strategic management. Analyses and apply appropriate problem solving techniques plus knowledge learned to solving complex business problems;

4. Demonstrate the ability to communicate complex issues.

Video Title - SABIC Corporate Film - "Chemistry that Matters"

Main Link -

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This is web- link based courseware. From the given web links above you are required to view the video as often as you want to create an academic essay in response to the scenario presented in the video. There are other related links to help you understand the details of the video.

Portfolio Tasks -

1. Use an essay format to answer the assigned tasks. The prescribed structure is given below.

2. Write an introductory paragraph that provides a brief overview of the company featured in the video. Briefly describe the possessions of the organisation on the bases of its core values, technological Intervention and innovation. End the introductory paragraph with the objectives of the portfolio.

3. The main body of the essay is the Content and Analysis. It should be supported with applicable theories and concepts to meet the following sub-tasks:

a) Analyse SABIC's successful organizational strategies applying the conceptual parameters of: (a) HR Management ; (b) Information Management, (c) Financial Management, and (d) Technological Management.

b) Evaluate critically the strategic formulation and execution built in SABIC in terms of: (a) vision development and (b) leadership process involvement

c) Formulate a tabular strategic option that can supplement the organisation on the aspect of its business ethics and social responsibilities. Support it with relevant theoretical citations.

4. Construct a concluding statement to end the essay.

5. Acknowledge the contributors to your work according to Harvard Referencing system. In-text reference is a must aside from the list of references provided at the end of the manuscript to assure consistency.

Structure of this Portfolio: (820 words)

I. Introduction: (100 words)

Should include the following:

  • Brief overview of the company featured in the video links.
  • Objectives of the portfolio (refer to the tasks)

II. Content and Analysis: (570 words)

Should include the following:

1. Analyses of SABIC's successful organisational strategies applying the conceptual parameters of: (a) HR Management; (b) Information Management, (c) Financial Management, and (d) Technological Management.

2. Critical evaluation of the strategic formulation and execution built at SABIC in terms of: (a) vision development and (b) leadership process involvement

3. Tabular strategic option that can supplement the organisation on the aspect of its business ethics and social responsibilities in Oman.

III. Conclusion: (150 words)

Provide a summary of the important points of discussion. It should be drawn according to the objectives of the portfolio mentioned in the introduction.

IV. References:

The required appropriate and varied range of references must be 10-20 sources with accurate application of Harvard Referencing System.

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The solution is about the SABIC and the film is Chemistry that matters. whereas it covered the topics described in the question based on the analysis of the company based on the strategies includes the vision development and leadership process involvement. Word document is in Times Roman, 12 point, double spaced and APA style of in-text citation and references.

Reference no: EM131386825

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The font type must be Arial with 12 font size and with 1 inch (2.5 cm) margins at all sides with 1.5 line spacing. All sources must be clearly referenced using the Harvard system. State the number of words used at the end of your assignment. You may include diagrams, figures etc. without word penalty. A sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be imposed according to the amount by which the limit has been exceeded. In order to achieve a grade of 70% or above, as well as satisfying all of the outlined criteria for a 'pass', the student must demonstrate a detailed understanding and application of the concepts and principles of Strategic Management models. The submission will be well organized and contained all relevant data. It will show evidence of appropriate investigation including research from a range of academic literature and other secondary sources of information. Detailed answers will be given to each of the questions with appendices where appropriate. There will be an evidence of wider reading through appropriate supporting references.


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You should hand in one copy of your assignment by the time and date above to the appropriate 'hand-in location' at the registration department of Gulf College. Fill in the front cover (staple together with your assignment). MAKE SURE that you fill in all the relevant details on this form. An acknowledgement will be given to you upon receiving your assignment. This is your receipt, keep it. You can submit work by post, but you must send it recorded delivery, it must be postmarked two days before the deadline date and a copy must be kept by you in case it is lost in the post. Faxed assignments will not be accepted. Assignments must be submitted by the due date. The only circumstance in which assignments can be submitted late is if an extenuating circumstances form is submitted at the same time. In these circumstances work may be submitted up to five working days late only. If the extenuating circumstances are upheld, the assignment will be graded; otherwise a 0 will be awarded. Maximum Word Length: 820 words.

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