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Microeconomics questions.

Q1. Jonathan's preferences are characterized by diminishing marginal rate of substitution. At his current consumption level Jonathan's marginal utility from beer is 5 and his marginal utility from Coke is 4. If Coke is placed on the horizontal axis, is Jonathan's current choice an "interior" optimum if the price of a can of beer is $2 and a can of Coke costs $1? Explain? If not what should Jonathan to obtain an interior solution

Q5. Bin is considering two cell phone plans. The first plan gives Bin up to 300 minutes of use, CP, for a set fee of $60 with each additional minute priced at 20 cents per minute. The second plan has no set fee, but charges 50 cents per minute. You have $100 per month to spend on cell phone services and a "composite" good ,C, priced at $1 per unit. 

a. Draw Bin's budget constraints under each plan, label all relevant points

Q6. Shen purchases two goods, x and y. With income of $600, Px is $4 per unit and Py is $5 per unit. 
a. Draw the Shen's budget constraint and label all relevant points [2 marks] 
b. Suppose the government imposes a tax on good x of $2 per unit, that is, the price of x would rise to $6. However, the tax is imposed only on the first 40 units of x purchased. Draw and appropriately label Shen's new budget line

Reference no: EM13150590

The demand curve shifts downwards

1. With the introduction of a unit tax, to be paid by producers, the supply curve shifts upwards. Explain why, when the same tax is levied directly on consumers, the demand cu

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The simple case of pricing with market power assumes (a) all consumers are charged the same price, (b) the firm sells one product, (c) demand exists in one time period, and (d

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Discuss the role of central government in establishing trade policy and providing environments that support or restrict international trade. Discuss the various Internationa

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A consortium of investors proposes to form a bank that will operate throughout Australia. The new entity will be a public company operating under the name, Oz Bank Ltd.

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You are to critically assess and document the following dimensions: • Generic business strategy • Organizational culture • Formal organizational structure


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