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Java Shape Program Console

only a single .java file.
Your score is divided among the following items:
• Program is adequately documented. It's comments identifies its name, purpose, author and date. Throughout the code, comments and/or relevant component names should attempt to make the program understandable.
• Code carefully addresses each task in the assignment.
• The program compiles without error and pertains to the assignment.
Use loops and conditions in Java to produce shapes out of Unicode characters. The program's user menu affects a switch-statement, which in turn affects the program's action. A menu is displayed which asks a user to select a shape:
1 triangle
2 square
3 diamond
The program then asks the user to enter any character with which to fill the shape, such as *, or enter nothing for the program's default character set. This default entails filling the shape with the characters of the alphabet according to their sequential Unicode decimal value (see ). Therefore, the number of characters in each shape should at least accommodate the entire alphabet. For example, a square might look like:
Y Z a b c d
e f g h I j
Your program must draw these shapes iteratively and use at least each of the following loop types at least once: for, while, do while.
You do not get to use Swing's pre-built shape methods. For output in applet form, you must adjust the coordinates in g.drawString(" ", x, y) with each loop iteration. You may alternatively submit the program in non-applet (command-line) form, which I recommend. 5% extra credit: Add the choice of a circle to your completed shape generating program.

Reference no: EM13759213

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