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The Class for a Rectangle is shown below. PlaneRectangle is a specialisation of Rectangle with fields that define the location of the centre of the rectangle. Write Java Classes that are implementations of the Rectangle Class and of the PlaneRectangle Class.


Now add methods to the Java PlaneRectangle Class that:

a. enable the location of an instance of PlaneRectangle to be moved by a specified distance (expressed as a change in the x-coordinate, and a change in the y-coordinate).

b. Enable a check to be made that a given point lies inside or outside the rectangle.

c. Enable a check to be made that another instance of PlaneRectangle lies completely within the current instance.

These classes come with default "constructor methods". Write the Java code for new constructors for the Rectangle Class that enable:

a. An instance of the Rectangle Class to be created with a default length of 1.0. and a default width of 1.0.

b. An instance of the Rectangle Class can be created with user specified values for the length and width.Now add constructors to the PlaneRectangle Class to enable:

a. An instance of the PlaneRectangle Class to be created with the above default length and width, and located at the origin by default.

b. An instance of the PlaneRectangle Class to be created with user specified values for the length, width and location.

Write a Java application that enables the user to specify the length, width and location of two instances of a PlaneRectangle and check whether the first lies completely within the second.

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