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Big Red Work Clothes Company prides itself on its macho image, and most of its employees have always been big, manly men. Twenty years ago, as the result of a claim filed under the Civil Rights Act by a female who applied for a job at Big Red and was not hired, Big Red voluntarily instituted an Affirmative Action plan, approved by the federal court, that provided that Big Red would hire three female applicants for every one male applicant that it hired. Since this policy was established twenty years ago, Big Red has followed the policy exactly. Billy Jennings recently applied for a job at Big Red, but although he was well qualified for the position, he was not hired because, under the Big Red Affirmative Action plan, Big Red had to hire a female applicant. Bill Jennings contends that this amounts to reverse discrimination. Is he right? Why, or why not?

Reference no: EM13783161

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