Is garcia entitled to recover the cost of the plants

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ODA Nursery sold 985 spreading juniper plants to Garcia Tree and Lawn. The plants were delivered on March 14. They were planted in July and August, but in October many of them started to die. In November, an inspection revealed that the plants were root-bound, a condition which should have been detected in March. Garcia notified ODA of the defect and demanded his money back. Is Garcia entitled to recover the cost of the plants? Why or why not? Explain.

Reference no: EM13961358

Associates-managers and partners

HAL Associates is a strategy consulting firm that divides its consultants into three classes: Associates, Managers, and Partners. The firm has been stable in size for the last

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In what kind of industries does a localization strategy makes sense? Why? When does a global standardization strategy make most sense? Why? What do you see as the main organiz

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In regression forecasting, what are "regression residuals" and how are they utilized in preparing the best forecast? Provide a specific healthcare example of this concept.

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In May, four bank tellers were observed as they served a customer at the main counter. The time required to complete the service was measured on each of three days and the res

The dark act or deny americans the right to know act

Consider the bill proposed about GMO labelling by Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo last summer and supported by three St. Louis area Congressmen that would not require compan

Employment relationship between employer

What policies does the company utilize to benefit HR and strategy? How does the employment relationship between employer and employee benefit from strong organizational cultur

Customers make deposits and withdrawals

The LeVitre and Swezey Credit Union maintain separate bank accounts for each of its 20,000 customers. Three major ?les are the customer master ?le, the transaction ?le of depo

What is costco reorder point for each brand of printer

At a local Costco, there are exactly 4 types of ink-jet printers. The weekly demand for printers is estimated to be normally distributed with mean 360. The 4 brands have equ


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