Investigate the presence of homoclinic

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x'=ux-y+x^3, y'=bx-y.

(a). Locate any local bifurcations that occur as u and b are varied. Analyze the bifurcations fully. (To do this you will need to transform to the linearized normal form at the critical point. If the bifurcation occurs in one dimension you then need to calculate an approximation to the center manifold in which it occurs.)

(b).Investigate the presence of limit cycles both analytically and numberically.

(c).Investigate the presence of homoclinic/heteroclinic orbits and global bifurcations numerically.

(d).Present a conclusion of all your findings which includes a bifurcation diagram

Reference no: EM13167541

Prove that f is monotonic

Let f be a real-valued continuous function. Recall that for any subset S ⊆ R, then f(S) is defined as {f(x) : x ∈ S}. Suppose that f(I) is open for any open interval I. Prov

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In developing this assignment, you have an opportunity to synthesize and apply the concepts, principles, and theories. You will be writing a paper in response to the followi

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Quadratics: Just write out your solution:Problem #43Sales of digital cameras in the United States (in millions of dollars) between 2000 and 2006 are shown in the table. In the

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Compute the orientation of X intersect Z in the following examples by exhibiting positively oriented bases at every point. [By convention, we orient the three coordinate axes

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How many solutions do systems of linear inequalities have? Do solutions to systems of linear inequalities need to satisfy both inequalities? How does a solution set of a sys

Diagnostic test for a rare form of cancer detects

A certain diagnostic test for a rare form of cancer detects the cancer if it is present 98 % of the time. If cancer is not present it detects it incorrectly (false positive)

Explain how you can estimate the number of iterations

Find a suitable rearrangement such that the sequence starting with xo = 0.5 converges to the largest positve root. Show that your rearrangement satisfies the criteria of Theor

How many people would be on the plane

An airplane ticket costs $200 if there are 50 or fewer people on the plane. But for each passenger over 50, the price per ticket is reduced by $2. (For example, if there are


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