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Themes: Inventory and Distribution Practices


Chapter 5 (Agile Supply Management) of the ebook, and go to pages 70-82 of the ebook

Is Apple's Supply Chain Really No. 1

The Unintended Consequences of Outsourcing

Understanding the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model


Integrated Planning for Improved Supply Chain Operations

McLane Warehouse 3g in operation at McLane Global Distribution


Submit final project presentation in discussion area: Topic of choice

Learning Activities

Beyond products alone, a Supply Chain must compete in terms of better inventory and distribution trade-off practices than its rivals. Done well, these LAs will help you with this Assignment project.

Learning Activity 4-1: K-Mart has been notorious for low or lack of inventory in its stores. From the readings and Instructor Insights; suggest to K-Mart's VP Supply Chain 3 ways she can improve their levels of inventory.

Learning Activity 4-2: Channel decisions are, in fact, trade-offs since most consumers will not drive up to your factory. They want it where they want it!

Many Supply Chain functions are behind the scenes in trucks and warehouses; FEDEX even has inventory in transit up in the air. Since FEDEX is multi-modal, they located their primary east-west air cargo transfer center in Memphis, TN.

Provide 2-3 distribution-related reasons behind why it made sense to locate there. It's OK to use the Internet and Instructor Insights on Distribution practices for this one.

Reference no: EM131278407

Design of a supply chain to ensure strategic competitiveness

You are required to submit a Supply Chain Management assignment. Details of the programme assessment scheme and general information on preparing and submitting assignments.

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Why is time important to competitive advantage? Identify and explain six key contributions that speed can make to logistics and supply chain strategy. Document your sources.

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Evaluation the impact of laws and regulations in legal agreements on relationships between different parties in supply chains is essential, particularly when we are dealing


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