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Module Risk Assessment Report

In order to determine the assets and resources that most need protecting with available funding, a risk assessment must be completed.

In order to successfully complete this assignment:

1. Inventory all your computer equipment. (Include printers, scanners, monitors, iPads, smart phones, keyboards, etc. EVERYTHING)

2. Inventory all your software.

3. Inventory all data saved on all your devices. Some examples are:

a. Contacts
b. School files (homework, papers, etc)
c. Tax documents
d. Banking information
e. Photos
f. Music and movies
g. Any other files/data

4. In a Word document, list the data collected in numbers 1-3. Make a section for each. (e.g. Hardware would be one section.)

5. Decide which of the items are most important to you. In other words, which ones would cause the most grief, pain, aggravation or money if lost?

6. Decide which items you can easily replace. This can mean the least inexpensive to replace or those than can easily be recreated.

7. In the Word document with the inventory, create another section titled "Assessment". In this section describe which items are most important to you and why. Also, describe the items mostly easily replaced and why. Sometimes the most important are part of the easiest to replace. For example; a smartphone may be the most important but also the easiest to replace because it is insured.

8. Create a section in the same document titled "Priorities". In this section, list in order of priority the items that you feel you should apply the most stringent security measures.

This exercise will assist you in completing the risk assessment for the final project. In this exercise it assumed that money is not an object when it comes to protecting IT assets. In the final project, the same assumption holds. Note that in the real world, budget plays a major role in determining security measures.

Reference no: EM131225546

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