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1. Directions: Based on the review of the article on AHIMA ethical coding standards, ( go to this link for the information ) develop a professional memo to coding staff outlining how you will be enforcing coding standards. The memo shall include but not be limited to the following areas: 
1. Introduce the coding standards to coding staff. (How will you inform coders about the coding standards?) 
2. Identify sample size of charts you will audit for compliance. 
3. State how often you will audit charts for compliance. 
4. Discuss the action taken for not complying with standards. 
5. Discuss frequency of education and training sessions related to coding compliance. 

2. Directions: Based on the OIG video ( link for video - ) on medical record documentation (scroll down to the "Importance of Documentation" video), create a flow chart that outlines the steps the HIM Department can implement to avoid the compliance issues discussed in the video. Create the flow chart using Microsoft Word or any other flowchart software. 

3. Directions: Based on the OIG videos (link provided in #2 above) that you viewed earlier in the course, accurate coding based on detailed documentation is a key component to any coding compliance plan. Much of the focus for compliance is aimed at Medicare. What steps would you take to ensure that third party payers comply with OIG standards for documentation and accurate coding? 

4. Directions: What components should be included in a data quality management program? Identify main roles and functions that would be a part of a quality assessment team. (For Healthcare) 

5. Directions: Discuss the emerging role of HIM in relation to data quality management. How would you incorporate these responsibilities into a policy that outlines the roles and responsibilities of health information professionals for quality management? 

6. Directions: Prepare a policy that outlines the roles and responsibilities of health information professionals for quality management.  

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Reference no: EM13731113

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