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The Interstate Truck Rental firm has accumulated extra trucks at three of its trucks leasing outlets, as shown in the following table: Leasing Outlet Extra Trucks 1 Atlanta 70 2 St. Louis 115 3 Greensboro 60 Total: 245 The firm also has four outlets with shortages of rental trucks, as follows: Leasing Outlet Truck Shortage A: New Orleans 80 B: Cincinnati 50 C: Louisville 90 D: Pittsburg 25 Total 245 The firm wants to transfer trucks from those outlets with extras to those with shortages at the minimum total cost. The following costs of transporting these trucks from city to city have been determined: From A B C D 1 $70 $80 $45 $90 2 120 40 30 75 3 110 60 70 80 Solve this problem using the computer while using excel solver

Reference no: EM13761344

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