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EIHP Assessment 2 – Interpreting Basic Statistical Data, Article:  Ramirez, G. & Beilock, S.L. (2011).  Writing about testing worries boosts exam performance in the classroom.  Science, 331. 211-213. This article is page 74-77 of your handbook.

Please note: There is limited space for your answers…we would like to keep it this way.  Please do not recreate your own table.  Please do not change the FONTS or COLOURS of the text template.  Please use this table as provided. For P.I.C.O., please attempt to keep the answer short and simple.  For Question 13, please make sure that you touch on the relevant results and justify your answer.  You will note that the value in brackets next to the question is the point’s value, which will be applied to each of the responses for each of the 4 studies. 

Attachment:- Table with Question.doc

Attachment:- Articale about Testing worrries.pdf

Reference no: EM13251957

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