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Use the Internet to research current and possible changes to the economy and demographics and how they could affect the HR industry. Predict two changes in the HR industry that could necessitate a change in long-range planning of HRIS needs and create a case which explains the reasons why an organization should take action regarding its HRIS based on your assessment of the future. Provide specific examples to support your response. (200-250 words, please cite your source) 

Reference no: EM13182527

Happy condition or an angry condition

The results of Schachter and Singer’s experiment in which participants were injected with epinephrine just before spending time in either a “happy” condition or an “angry” con

What did you learn from the marshall interview

Mike Wallace's interview with Thurgood Marshall provides rich insights into the politics of rights and equality in the mid-Twentieth Century. What portion of the interview d

Rights of research participant involved in lifespan research

What are the rights of research participants involved in lifespan research? Which of these do you regard as the most vital and why? Describe methods researchers use to deter

Institutionalized system of social inequality

Critically discuss the various ways socializing agents might contribute to the institutionalized system of social inequality. Provide a few examples to support your answer.

Young girls find adolescence to be a difficult time of life

“In the Times” suggests that young girls find adolescence to be a difficult  time of life because:

Describe current research on gang formation

Explain the current status, historical growth, and projected trends of gang membership in the US and locally. Describe current research on gang formation and the implications

Analyze the development of tort law

Analyze the development of tort law from the concept and degree of negligence to the application of the law to strict / product liability. Evaluate the success of tort law i

Understanding of human nature differs from sigmund freud

If you asked this person the question, "Tell me how your approach and your understanding of human nature differs from that of Sigmund Freud", how do you think they would res


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