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This assignment contributes 40% of the total marks for this module. The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to utilise your skills and knowledge of international business to undertake an analysis of a new overseas market or an existing overseas market where significant expansion should be implemented. You are required to develop a report proposing a new overseas market which an organisation should enter or alternatively an existing overseas market where significant expansion should be implemented.

This assignment firstly requires you to decide whether you will base your module assignments on an organisation where you are employed, or have been employed in the past, an organisation in a sector of industry in which you have an especial interest, a local company who you are aware are seeking to expand their overseas activities or a public sector/not-for-profit organisation such as a college where you are currently studying or have studied in the past or a major charity. You are required to undertake an analysis of this overseas market and macro-environment factors surrounding the overseas market you have selected for the organisation as the basis for justifying your market selection.

Present appropriate academic theories to support your market analysis and demonstrate how these theories provide frameworks which can be used to support your analysis


The submitted assignment is required to demonstrate the following:

1. An ability to utilise sources such as the Internet and University library facilities to search, locate and summarise data relevant to the assignment

2. An ability to utilise appropriate academic theories on international business that can provide a framework for analysing an overseas market.

3. An ability to develop an effective analysis of an overseas market.

4. An ability to present a well written, well structured report

5. An ability to critically analyse information, formulate conclusions and exhibit original thought.

Reference no: EM13938822

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