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You are the Information Technology (IT) project manager in a 200-bed inner-city hospital that has a 30-member primary care physician group that has one hospital-based clinic and 4 clinics dispersed throughout the local community. You have been asked by senior leadership to put together a proposal for creating the organization's Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for both the hospital and the clinics.

Important factors for consideration in your proposal include:

Selection of the vendor for the EMR software

Staffing for design, implementation, training, future support

Space requirements for main equipment, desktops/workstations for doctors, nurses and other clinicians/users

Staff training

Physician training

Integration with any current electronic data sources (imaging, laboratory, dictation, billing, quality software systems)

Cultural , literacy, and language concerns

Timelines for design, implementation, testing, training

Reference no: EM13983002

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