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Integration and Application. Before continuing, review the cases of Southwest Airlines and Lincoln Electric at the end of this book.

a. For which company is training and development more important?

b. Describe how the training and development activities in both companies are related ?to other HR activities.

Reference no: EM131124692

Outsourcing episode

Choose three issues discussed in the final chapter of the textbook, that you would've like to have seen, in more detail, in the "Outsourcing" episode of 30 Days. How might tho

Supply chain-value chain and integrated value chain

What are attitudes and how do they influence behavior in organizations? Differentiate between three key concepts: supply chain, value chain, and integrated value chain.

Given budget shortfalls

Apple was the most recent tech company to hit the news (in 2013) for avoiding taxes. Given budget shortfalls in the US, does it seem fair that these companies can legally avoi

Information on a capital expenditure proposal

Ogden Corporation has compiled the following information on a capital expenditure proposal:  Describe how the foregoing data can be used to develop a simulation model for find

Evaluating the data collected from environmental analysis

Evaluating the data collected from environmental analysis, the corporate executives of F&S Pharma Inc. realized that it was the right time to expand the business. To further s

Illustrate what are risks also benefits of expanding disney

Illustrate what are risks also benefits of expanding Disney brand in new ways. Support your answers with a minimum of one source per question, no more than five years old.

Calculate total productivity measure and partial measures

Various financial data for the past two years follow. Calculate the total productivity measure and the partial measures for labor, capital, and raw materials for this company

What standard determines whether these parties have contract

Cody signs and returns a letter from Dora, referring to her sale of the Bar-D Ranch and its price. When Cody attempts to complete the deal, Dora re­fuses, claiming that they h


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