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Object-Oriented Systems


The assessment for BCO6008: Object-Oriented Systems 2 consists of two stages:

• Assignment Stage 1, worth 50% of the relative weighting
• Assignment Stage 2, worth 50% of the relative weighting

Assignment stage 1, involves critical analysis for the proposed linguistic analysis techniques with extracting features from the data set provided. Assignment stage 2, implementing/representing the data output with integrating modelling techniques (I.e.: J48 decision tree).

Learning Objectives

On the completion of this assignment you will be able to:

• Demonstrate an understanding of methods of object oriented (OO) analysis and design using an appropriate notation.
• Demonstrate an understanding of professional development processes appropriate to the various stages of OO development.
• Demonstrate fluency at the level of an advanced beginner in a programming language suitable for object-oriented development.
• Critically evaluate and choose from a range of approaches to developing OO software.
• Critically evaluate alternative OO designs as potential solutions to particular software requirements,


Explore a real-life application for psycholinguistics science


As computer system applications become more complex, with more complex demands of ever more intuitive human-application interaction, research in predicting and understanding user behaviour, applied to particular systems becomes ever more important, impacting elements of daily societal life, both professionally and personally. Understanding user behaviour, during particular events, leads to a more informed predictive model, thus allowing the construction of more intuitive interfaces and a better user experience.

In this assignment you will need to explorer psycholinguistics science, aims to understand whether the words we use in our daily life reflect our personalities and what we fell. Psycholinguistics is a well-established and active research field, and it widely accepted that written text can reflect more than words, it conveys emotion and personality traits.

IBM established a research team called "IBM Watson", and they produced multiple of technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to represent insights from large amount of unstructured data.

In this assignment, you will be using IBM Watson personality insight and tone analyser, you will need to build your JAVA OOP program to integrate with IBM tool.

Stage 1 - Explore the science/Extract features

• Demonstrate the science behind both IBM Watson personality insight and tone analyzer.
• Handling data set.
• Integrate IBM Watson tool into your software.
• Extract both Personality Insights and Tone analyzer form the data set.
• Initial thoughts on how to represent/model the output for the next stage.

Stage 1 Assessing: Libraries, API Integration, Collections, Design patterns, Refactoring, UML.
Stage 2 - Represent/Modelling data

• Determine list of modelling algorithms for such model.
• Data exploration and modeling (Weka integration).
• Build a Graphic user interface using appropriate pattern.
• Use apache commons logging component for errors logging.
• Develop appropriate documentation (e.g most important use case, Javadoc).

Stage 2 Assessing: GUI, Testing, Logging, Documentation, Design Patterns, API integration.

Reference no: EM131299409

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