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This is a follow on response to some discussion. And in the answer, academic reference or citation is needed as well as real time example if possible. In the end, please make a short summary or conclusion if possible.

The subject is management of strategic operation, which discusses about the best practices to improve business process. Here is the discussion: In case of the information, the control addition (Reijers and Liman Mansar, 2005) would ensure that the incoming information (the problem description of the customer issues) is complete and correct.

If technology (a ticketing system) is used then no additional human resources are needed, therefore the process time can be also reduced and the quality of the service increased. Finally as far as the technology is concerned the best practice of integral technology (Reijers and Liman Mansar, 2005), using new technology, would mean that the best ticketing system is used. Such software is responsible not only for data storage, but the process steps of the IT support can be reflected in it as well. As selected control addition and integral technology as the most effective for the IT Help Desk for improving business process.

Control addition was described in the readings as leading to higher quality of the business process execution and integral technology was described as having various positive effects. Centralization was described as a special form of the integral technology best practice (Reijers & Mansar, 2005).

Question: What advantages can centralization offer versus integral technology or are the advantages and disadvantages close enough that you selected integral technology over centralization?

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Reference no: EM13320585

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