Insufficient training-job placement problem

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The Analysis:

Part a: Problem Facing the Principal Decision Maker? Lack of Consensus at Senior Mgmt. Level.

Part b: Root Cause of HR Problems? (1) Missing the Recruitment & Operation Basics, (2) Insufficient Training, (3) Job Placement Problem.

Part c: Impact of the HRM Problem? (1) Poor Hiring Programs, (2) Lower Staff Morale, (3) Additional Monetary Costs of staff Replacements, (4) No Layoff Policy Straining the HR Dep.

The Questions:

Based on the above analysis, (a) generate three to four distinct courses of action that the principal decision maker could take to resolve the HRM problem, (b) and discuss and explain the pros (3–4) and cons (3–4) of each alternative in relation to Impact on the decision maker and impact on the organization and its stakeholders.

Reference no: EM132234843

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