Installing an enterprise resource planning system

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- Do you think that installing an Enterprise Resource Planning system would be worth it, even at a cost of, say $100 million (for a fairly large firm)?

- How does this differ if you were managing a small-to-medium-size firm and the installation cost was, say, $300,000?

- Are there other ways to attain some of the benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning without purchasing a system through an expensive Enterprise Resource Planning provider?

Reference no: EM131119387

Supply chain management and logistics systems

Describe the flow of financial data from customer to company to supplier in the Supply Chain Management and Logistics Systems. How does it relate to cash flow and profitabil

Unspoken rules that give toyota its competitive edge

What are the unspoken rules that give Toyota its competitive edge and how do they make it possible for the company to change and improve performance without major disruption

Why is time important to competitive advantage

Why is time important to competitive advantage? Indentify and explain six key contributions that speed can make to logistics and supply chain strategy. Document your sources

Describe the types of innovations or improvements that have

Describe the types of innovations or improvements that have come from involving the target customer in supply chain. Describe the types of information technology mechanisms th

Why death seems so common in advertisements

What are some of the political, social, sexual or psychological reasons why death seems so common in advertisements? Why are more women represented in situations of death than

What other factors should be considered

Three potential suppliers have been identified and the data were gathered. Develop a weighted-point model. Based on this model, which supplier should be selected? What other

A discrete event simulation model of a retail branch banking

What information would you have to collect in order to build a discrete-event simulation model of a retail branch-banking operation? Discuss how this model could be used to de

Describe the structure of essilor''s supply chain

Describe the structure of Essilor's supply chain and variety of products produced and delivered along its supply chain. Respond to the following questions. What was Essilor'


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