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Information technology and management information systems allow organizations, regardless of size, to communicate, collaborate, share information, make data driven decisions, and monitor all aspects of performance. Imagine you have a friend who runs a small business and this person is interested in taking advantage of information technology and management information systems to take the business to the next level. Your friend has come to you to get some information to consider in the decision to pursue IT and MIS enhancements. Provide your thoughts on the topic. Make sure you:

Discuss specific ways information technology can benefit as well as negatively impact the business with respect to hardware, software, and trained staff.

Explain how a customer relationship management system can help businesses improve profitability.

From your own experience or a business setting of which you are aware, provide an example of a situation that demonstrates the importance of information technology in the efficient delivery of a product or service.

Reference no: EM13846029

Critical for successful supply chain operation

Explain why each of the following, “information sharing” and “procurement” is critical for a successful supply chain operation. Name and explain briefly two ways that technolo

Estimate the average customer wait before they receive reply

Customers send emails to a help desk of an online retailer every 2 minutes, on average, and the standard deviation of the inter-arrival time is also 2 minutes. The online reta

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Adirondack Paper Mills, Inc., operates paper plants in Augusta, Maine, and Tupper Lake, New York. Draw the network representation of the Adirondack Paper Mills problem. Formul

Democratic accountability and protect important values

Governing by network brings with it new opportunities and new risks: Public officials can produce considerably more public value -- and in a more personalized fashion -- but r

Scalable database can cause issues

Provide an example of a way in which not having a scalable database can cause issues for a company. Research this topic online and post that has been public and what the outco

What customers is this restaurant more likely to serve

A new Pizza Restaurant has opened in Old Town Fort Collins: Daenerys’ Fire Baked Pizza. They offer brick oven pizzas, sit down dinner, take out, and a new service: delivery by

Explain the strategic management process

Explain the strategic management process. How should the changing landscape of the financial sector in coming years affect the joint venture? Is there less incentive to keep t

Conventional channel of distribution

Why might a manufacturer choose to enter a conventional channel of distribution? Discuss what is meant by channel migration and the issues that a manufacturer faces in dealing


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