Influence of it on organizational behaviour

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Influence of IT on organizational behaviour

How do organizations adapt to ever-changing environments? Before computers, many people and companies performed tasks manually. Important information was written down using pen and paper. Distribution and compilation of data were labour-intensive tasks. Nowadays, however, it would be rare to encounter an organization that has not transitioned to computers for basic administrative
tasks or complex analytical ones.

Yet, can we assume that IT implementation and long-term usage always have positive consequences? Not everyone agrees that the integration of technology has always represented the best course of action for organizations.

For this Discussion, you will choose and evaluate examples of positive and negative consequences of IT implementation and long-term use.
To complete this Discussion:

Post: Identify one example of IT implementation and long-term usage that you assume has a positive consequence and one example that you assume has a negative consequence. Explain why you chose each example with an evaluation of its impact. Your document should have 750+words

Reference no: EM131067670

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