Industrial design and design for manufacture and assembly

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Discuss the product design philosophy behind industrial design and design for manufacture and assembly. Which one do you think is more important in a customer-focused product development?

How does the QFD approach help? What are some limitations of the QFD approach?

What does the product-process matrix tell us? How should the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant be structured?

How does the production volume affect break-even analysis?

Could a service firm use a production-line approach or self-service design and still keep a high customer focus (personal attention)? Explain and support your answer with examples.

Reference no: EM13812164

What is the average hourly production rate of the machine

Average setup time on a certain production machine is 4.0 hr. Average batch size is 48 parts, and average operation cycle time is 4.2 min. The reliability of this machine is c

Production during the deployment period

How do you minimize the company's potential loss of production during the "deployment period" of the new lean program; and, more importantly how do you make sure the new progr

Discuss consumer personality and perception

Discuss family socialization on children to buy the product? Discuss consumer personality and perception. By understanding consumer personality and perception, how you do your

Many integrated delivery system organizations

There are many integrated delivery system organizations providing health care. Identify a specific company, by name, and identify which type of IDS it is. What is the differen

Who is costcos target persona

Who is Costco's target persona? (target audience). What does Costco want this target persona to know? (topic of content). Which format does Costco use to communicate this mess

Organizational trust leadership organizational learning

Judge (2012) outlines that previous research on organizational trust has shown a relationship between (choose the four correct): organizational trust leadership organizational

Informational listening and effective rational listening

Write an analysis that is at least one page in length where you analyze your own listening effectiveness. Using the textbook to guide you, analyze your strengths and weaknesse

Personal project the format

Create a Project Charter for your Personal Project The format and content of a Project Charter varies from organization to organization. Larger organizations have a PMO (Proje


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