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According to Judge (2012) OCC can be conceptualized as the overall capability of an organization to either effectively prepare for or respond to an increasingly unpredictable and volatile environmental context. This overall capability is multidimensional, and it comprises three ingredients: human skill sets and resources, formal systems and procedures, and organizational culture, values, and norms humans, vegetables, vitamins effective leaders, motivated middle management, culture driven employees human resources, policies and procedures, organizational structure.

Reference no: EM131153107

Corporations just develop internally the business

Why don’t corporations just develop internally the business/capabilities that it could obtain through acquisitions? Why do you think target firms might agree to be acquired?

Operations management based question

Mass Production Corporation produces wheels for Hot Wheels cars. They make thousands of wheels every day using hundreds of equipments, each machine operated by two workers.

Determine the bottleneck station

Consider a production line with five stations. Station 1 can produce a unit in 10 minutes. Station 2 can produce a unit in 12 minutes. Station 3 has two identical machines, ea

Building organizational capabilities support its strategy

Is Henkel's approach to strategy execution shaped sufficiently by its mission and values? How does the company's approach to staffing the organization and building organizat

Inventory turns are calculated by annual cost of goods sold

Inventory turns are calculated by annual cost of goods sold divided by avg inventory. An online book seller has an avg $10,000,000 in inventory and a turn of 3. Printing on de

Issues and solutions to solving health care problems

"Issues and Solutions / Reflections and Viewpoints to Solving Health Care Problems" Please respond to the following: Evaluate the availability of health services programs and

What is the minimum amount of won

what is the minimum amount of won they should receive on August 30th, 2007 given the eight month forward rate for one US dollar in terms of won that you calculated in proble

Discuss the impact of managerial roles on decision making

Discussion Every year, Ethisphere Magazine publishes a list of the world’s most ethical companies. Go to its website; find and evaluate their rating methodology and criteria,


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