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Fabricators Inc. wants to increase capacity by adding a new machine. Current sales volume is 50,000 units per year. The fixed costs for the machine are $150,000 and its variable cost is $2 per unit. The revenue is $6 per unit. The break-even point for the new machine is

Reference no: EM131438299

When seller breaches contract for the sale of goods

When the seller breaches a contract for the sale of goods to a buyer, the buyer is entitled to specific performance of the contract if: a goods are unique b, market cost of th

Evaluate alternative structures to determine

Evaluate alternative structures to determine which one would be most appropriate for Domino's to consider and discuss likely benefits Domino's would realize from adopting th

Explain porters five basic forces of competition

Explain Porter’s five basic forces of competition. Gitman says that the goal of a firm is to maximize the wealth of its owners. What can financial managers do to achieve this

Estimating with the pert-beta distribution

Back in 1957, the year in which the Project Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) was developed by the US Navy, statisticians developed a simple technique to estimate the amo

Existing navigational channels in numerous locations

Panama embarked on a project to double the capacity of the Panama Canal in 2006, with an expected completion date of 2014. At the time, the estimated cost was US $5.25 billion

Estimated negative values for cumulative fiscal multiplier

Some economists have estimated negative values for the cumulative fiscal multiplier. How could a negative value be possible?(Hint: what would happen if there were both a 100 p

What are areas of social responsibility or sustainability

IKEA child labor law case - What are the areas of social responsibility or sustainability (environmental, social or economic) that apply to this case and how do they apply?

How can a university control the quality of its output

To many people, high quality is synonymous with high price, compare a Toyota Corolla and a Rolls Royce and discuss the relative quality of each. How can a university control t


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