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Determine T/F about the following statements.

1. Integer programming (IP) solutions are usually at corner points ( )

2. An integer programming problem assumes that its objective function and its constraints are linear. (       )

3. For an integer programming problem with binary variables, it may not have nonnegativity constraints . (       )

4. It is possible that there are no finite solutions for an integer programming with an unbounded feasible region (       )

5. In a transshipment model, the flow-in of a supply node can be greater than its flow-out (       )

6. It is possible that the optimal solution of a transportation problem under a balanced supply-demand situation is same as that of its corresponding transportation problem under an unbalanced supply-demand situation. (       )

7. A min-Max model problem has two types of decision variables: independent variables and derivative variables that rely on the independent ones (       )

8. The matrix-block based Excel analysis is good at handling large or complex LP problems (       )

Reference no: EM131124507

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