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In the signal transduction lecture , we established that the BCR-ABL translocation creates a membrane bound receptor with constitutive kinase activity. What defect is associated with this oncogenic mutation?

A. An increase in phosphorylation of the substrate (compared to wild type)
B. A defect that attenuates signaling from the BCR-ABL kinase
C. A failure of the BCR-ABL fusion gene to localize to the plasma membrane
D. A decrease in phosphorylation of th esubstrate (compared to the wild type)
E. Apoptosis

Reference no: EM13527115

How galactosidase activity different from an e coli strain

If you grew that mutant in glucose, lactose, IPTG, and glucose and lactose how would the galactosidase activity differ from an E. coli strain containing a functional lac opero

Describe oxidative and non-oxidative branches

Describe oxidative and non-oxidative branches of the pentose phosphate pathway and distinguish between these branches in terms of their roles in producing NADPH for biosynthes

Sam complex-beta-barrel proteins in mitochondrial membranes

Explain the relation of the SAM complex and Beta-Barrel proteins in mitochondrial membranes. Please be as detailed as possible, and use specific examples of procedures that

Why do you think flagella-based swimming motility

About half of the bacilli and all of the spirilla bacteria are motile, by means of flagella. Very few cocci are flagellated or motile. Why do you think flagella-based swimmi

Research areas to answer these questions

For the online application, it requires Vision Statement. Here, they asked me some questions. Please according to my professor's research areas to answer these questions.

Examining the blood test

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Jones had baby girls same day in same hospital.  Mrs. Smith named her baby Shirley and Mrs. Jones named her baby Jane.

How does insulin and glucagon secreted by pancreas function

How does the insulin and glucagon secreted by the pancreas function in glucose metabolism? How do the cardiovascular and respiratory system work together to deliver blood to t

Determine rate law for the reaction

The decomposition of N2O5 in CCl4 proceeds as follows: 2N2O5 --> 4NO2 + O2. The rate law is first order in N2O5. At 64 degrees Celsius, the rate constant is 4.82 x 10^-3 S^-1.


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