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In interpreting the primary source documents, you should also consider the background information found in the Bentley/Ziegler text about the complex societies that produced them. 3) Consider the poems from "The Book of Songs" found on p. 96 and p. 98 of Bentley/Ziegler. Based upon these poems, what observations can you make about the lives of ordinary people in ancient China? What do they tell you about ancient Chinese society? Your answer to the question should consist of approximately 350 words

Reference no: EM13236538

Cultures captain cook encountered as noble savages free

Some Enlightenment thinkers saw the cultures Captain Cook encountered as noble savages free from the impositions of civilized European life. Others, like Cook, held the Enli

Architecture of ravenna that reflects augustine’s views

Describe a specific aspect you see in the art and/or architecture of Ravenna that reflects Augustine’s views of Christianity found in Confessions and The City of God

Different traditions and have different core beliefs

We all come from different traditions and have different core beliefs. Please consider and share with us the roll that art (painting, sculpture, music) has played in your expr

Major religions in eastern culture

Given primary texts of the three major religions in Eastern culture (The Analects, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Four Noble Truths), compare and contrast one theme the texts have

Political environment of ancient times-political situation

What are the correlations between the political environment of this area in ancient times and the political situation today. What are the parallels? What are the differences?

Egyptologist encountering an astounding archeological find

Imagine you are an Egyptologist encountering an astounding archeological find, such as the tomb of Tutankhamen found by Howard Carter in 1922. Would you proceed with the excav

Law code of hammurabi reveals about babylonian culture

Describe what the Law Code of Hammurabi reveals about Babylonian culture; consider relations between men and women, slaves and freemen. Explain whether or not you believe that

Borders-traditions that define specific civilization dispute

Borders and traditions that define a specific civilization were in dispute. Why is the formation of nation-states important to history? And do you consider early modern Empi


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