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The research found that innovation is important for growth, performance, and valuation. So, the research shows that 70 percent of driving the growth of the business in the future is the innovation. Therefore, the message that the authors send to the audience is the innovation has to be primary for the company what needs to expand its business. Moreover, because most of the leaders do not have confidant or not sure about the ability of the decision to move on into new idea. On the other hand there are some leaders who take the action of innovation become more successes in its business. Additionally, the research shows that 94 percent say that people and culture are important drivers of innovation.

Based on the authors’ experience, they found that there are some steps to build blocks of n innovative organization. First, the innovation has to integrate onto the strategic management. Second, the company has to hire talented employees to be more creative and involved with the innovation. Finally the company has to create culture of trust to make the employees achieve something important for the company and build this culture in their mind.

According to the writers there some keys to be more innovative. First of all is leading innovation. The manager has to make the innovation part of their priority and integrated to the company strategy. So, the manager who integrates the innovation and try to protect it gets positive result. Therefore, according to many global business companies shows that the leaders need to be strong and have ability to maintain the innovation and take risk. Moreover, the way the leaders behave send strong signals to the employees. Finally, the managers have to have target of innovation to identify if they achieve it or not. Second is designing innovation networks. The networks generate a cycle of innovation, so people with different kinds of knowledge and aspects can share their ideas. Therefore, the network has to focus in innovation to manage it, and the network maps show that there are improvements and opportunities of networking. Finally is cultures and trust. Some senior executives say that they are not sure about the project and innovation strategy. However, the employees are more likely to believe that their organizations have the right talent to encourage them for innovation. Therefore, the managers have to trust their employees to be more creative. Additionally, they have to establish opportunities to make them improve.

The authors highlighted that the innovation is important for improvements and creating chances. Therefore, they mentions some steps for the leaders for innovation such as strategy, networking, and trust. In my part of few, I think the companies have to be aware of this idea. They need to understand that the creatively is playing important in the new market, so they have to get into the change to be more successful.   

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Reference no: EM132184876

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