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With any partnership, there are sure to be implementation issues, if not problems. Consider the case of Clorox and its Green Works brand. Clorox initially licensed the Family Pure brand from a Japanese company. Then they asked European partners to help develop cleaners made from plant-based ingredients. Their aim was to find eco-friendly cleaners that work at least as well as effective harsh chemicals like bleach (Makower, 2008). After tests with consumers, Clorox changed the name to Green Works and co-branded it Clorox.

Although the Clorox/Green Works process serves as a partnership success example, imagine that you are a key HR professional intimately involved in its development, and that post-agreement, serious implementation problems develop in many phases of the relationship. For example, suppose that the Japanese company later claimed that they were not being sufficiently compensated. Perhaps you learned that the European partners intended to develop products of their own based on the research that Clorox commissioned. Consider the key elements of a response plan, anticipating contingencies that might alter the decision on what actions you take. The elements of your plan should include considerations related to culture, costs, competencies, compliance, and competitors.

To complete this Assignment, respond to the following in a 3- to 4-page paper:

  • Analyze HR strategies for promoting a successful alliance.
  • Cite specific steps from the Required Resources and your own research that are essential to take before an alliance agreement can be reached.
  • Describe the importance of relationship management to the success of an alliance.
  • Evaluate challenges to implementing a successful alliance.
  • Identify potential obstacles that could prevent alliance partners from maintaining productivity, retaining key talent, and promoting long-term implementation of the buy decision.
  • Describe the obstacles and suggest actions that could be taken to prevent or mitigate their effects.
  • Support your analysis with specific examples

Reference no: EM13731092

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