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1) Write down the Java servlet which utilizes the doGet in order to return a markup document which provides your name, e-mail address, and mailing address along with the brief autobiography. Test your server with the  simple markup document.

2) Write down the servlet which returns the randomly chosen greeting from a list of five different greetings. The greetings should be stored as constant strings in the program"

Reference no: EM1321954

Give appropriate accessor methods to set and get the data

create an address book application to keep track of the names, addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays of family, friends, and colleagues. You may implement your own linked

Match the flowcharting segments with the descriptions

Match the flowcharting segments with the descriptions to which they correspond. Four descriptions will be left blank.- Data on source documents are keyed to an offline disk.

Describe the advantages and disadvantage of magnetic storage

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic storage, optical storage, and solid state storage using criteria such as versatility, durability, capacity, access time

Write the boolean function as boolean algebra

Write the Boolean function as Boolean algebra terms. First, think about how to deal with the two outputs. Then, describe each single row in terms of Boolean al

Find an ordered pair that is a solution

Use the indicated value for the given equation to find an ordered pair that is a solution 3x+y=27. Let x=7 the solution of the equation is 3x+y+27 is. Type an ordered pair.

The calling statement should then print out

Using conditional operator and the cal_days_in_month (CAL_GREGORIAN, int month, int year) function, find out  the number of days in the current month and output to the brows

Problem utilizing the turing machine

Develop a two-track Turing machine which compares the two binary strings and decides if they are equal. If strings are equal, machine halts in some of the fixed state; if th

Cloud computing management

As we selecting Google Docs as the SaaS provider Proper actions are to be upheld when handling Google Docs servers as the software service providers. This is a challenge pos


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